Still There

Moe at Bike Commuters submitted this post about why he likes being a commuter. One line that made me laugh out loud was “I check on my bike from time to time, yeah, it is still there, waiting for me for the ride back home.” I realized that I do that as well. When I have a meeting on the south side of the building or just walk by a window, I have to look down to see if the Trek is still there. It always is.

Also, Commute by Bike posted a poll asking where we park at work. So I thought I would take a shot of the bike rack out of the meeting room window to demonstrate my parking situation, and to make sure I had a ride home.

My Bike at Work
My Bike on the Rack

My plan today was to drive my daughter to her 7:00 orthodontist appointment and then take her to school. I would leave my car in the middle school parking lot and pull the bike out of the trunk for the ride to and from work. However, the appointment took all of 3 minutes, so we went out for breakfast and then back home for her to catch the bus. On the way to the Doctor’s office, we passed Bill Arthur.

My ride in was the normal straight shot, and I saw two other commuters on the way. (One shot past me on the hill as if I were standing still – and I almost was.) Coming home, I took a slightly abbreviated North Work Route, cutting south on Klondike and Sharon Chapel roads because of the bridge construction on Division Road.

Miles Ridden: 10.6

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