Blast from the Past

The same weather pattern that is making life difficult in Kansas City and other points west of here made for a great weekend here. Unfortunately, errands, visiting relatives, and a bad mood caused me to not ride. (The excuse generator was on overtime.)

This morning, I got back on the horse with a ride to work. I used to work on the west side of campus, so after my haircut I took the old route home. Basically, I rode north on McCormick Road to Lindberg. A left put me on to the North Work Route, which I followed home*.

Miles Ridden: 11.3

*Of course, the bridge is still out on Division Road, so I couldn’t follow the route, could I? Actually, I did – by walking the bike through the construction zone. It looks like they’ve made some progress on the bridge, but there’s still a lot to do.

Bridge Out
Road Closures are for Sissies!

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