I had planned to take a morning ride today, but my excuse generator was on 11. First, I was having a tough time waking up. Then, I decided it was too cold, and I didn’t want to wake up my wife looking for something long sleeve in the closet. Finally, I thought it was too dark.

Instead, I decided to ride the Pilot to work instead of the usual 820. It’s not a great commuter bike (no racks for the panniers, uncomfortable seat without bike shorts, my dress shoes don’t work with the toe clips, I can’t bring myself to lock it outside), but the ride home was great.

I stowed the bike in my office in the same place I used last week.

At the End of the Hall
Bike in the Cube Farm

There’s another bike commuter in the building. One of the ladies upstairs, whose husband runs Old Skool Cycles, has been riding a KHS Urban X the past couple of weeks. She lives on the east side of town on the other side of the river valley, so she has an uphill at each end of her ride.

Soccer Night
Soccer Fields on Kalberer Road

Maybe this weekend I’ll write about my new briefcase pannier.

Miles Ridden: 14.2

Oh, I almost forget to mention… The Terranaut was gone today. I asked the building deputy if she had it removed, but she had no idea. (I don’t think she ever really noticed that it had been there for so long.) I guess the owner must be leaving – either for the summer or forever – and came and got it. Let’s hope it goes to a better place.

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