Rare Sunday Commute

I decided to put some time in at the office this morning, so I hopped on the Trek 820 and took the South Work Route – in reverse. The inbound route followed River Road, while I came home directly on State Street/SR26/Newman Road. There was a slight detour as I tried out the paved bike trail along the new section of Tapawingo Blvd.

Yes, this was the one I complained about back in January. The path is on the north side of the street as promised. The interesting thing is that along its approximately 2 block length, there are only two driveway cuts. I have no idea how all of that prime GB-zoned property will be served with just two ways in and out. Another surprising feature is that these driveways already boast signage prohibiting left turns. This should help keep the cars moving – but not without causing much frustration amongst the more stressed drivers.

While at the office today, I waited out a rain shower which added about 45 minutes to my visit. With around a half an hour of drying time, it wasn’t too wet riding home.

Miles Ridden: 9.5

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