The North Country

Today I was able to head into the the north part of Tippecanoe County, visiting Battleground and getting close to Brookston. I basically followed this route in a counter-clockwise fashion, except the starting and ending point was my house.

Begin Bike RouteI rode for almost 8 miles on apparently unsanctioned roads to get to the ‘Bike Route’. End Bike RouteUnfortunately, it ended 3/10 of a mile later.

Actually, those signs refer to the paved bike path on the northbound side of Ninth Street Road at the Duncan Road intersection. The path continues south for around 3/4 of a mile on the south side of the street where it crosses countless commercial driveways. The entire length is strewn with glass, metal, and other trash. I’ve probably complained about this before, but I think it is pretty worthless, and I don’t use it.

The ride north through Battleground and on up to Tyler Road was wonderful. I had a slight tailwind, and I was feeling very strong. I even caught and passed a ‘bunny’ – two nervous looking riders that were hugging the white line. (I know that I could never catch a real cyclist, but I still get some satisfaction passing the noobs.)

Cows in Shade
Like Me, These Bovines Were Looking for Shade

Turning west however, I started to feel the wind a little. Later, when I turned south on 100W, I really noticed it. I stopped at the Cairo Watchtower, where a gentelman was building a fence around the adjoining property. His van was parked in front of the monument. The tower didn’t look any worse than my visit there 2 years ago, but it sure wasn’t any better.

Down in West Lafayette, I came upon a street closure on Grant Street because of the soap box derby competition being held today. I detoured through the Hills and Dales neighborhood.

It took me 2:45 to complete the route, so my average was a little higher than usual. I’m feeling it in my legs already.

Miles Ridden: 37.9

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