After Work…

… I was able to take a quick hour on the bike. I headed onto the as yet undocumented north route* despite a strong NNE wind. Sure, I fought it all the way up to 450N, but it pushed me home on the return trip. Traffic wasn’t too bad except for the stretch of Klondike Road between US52 and Lindberg. Lots of unsafe passing, but I wasn’t too bothered by it. Lucky for me the oncoming drivers were alert and patient.

Interesting Clouds
Interesting Clouds

It’s funny how clouds look so 3D in real life, mainly because they are moving, but a photo instantly flattens them out. In this shot the two different layers were moving in different directions – pretty cool.

So I took my 820 back to the bike shop today. After my problems last week, I had clear symptoms to tell the mechanic. He thought maybe there was something wrong with the rear wheel something-or-other (I can’t remember what he called it). Anyway, a couple of turns of the pedals made it obvious to him. He said it was a fairly rare problem to have, and he said he’d have it done in a day. I’m feeling confident.

Stonehenge Subdivision

Whenever I pass this sign, I have to say the name in the manner of Christopher Guest in This Is Spinal Tap. You know, that heavy fake British accent.


Imagine that it kind of rhymes with the name of that VOIP company – Vonage.

Miles Ridden: 12.1

*Maybe I could call it the Capilano/Klondike Route

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