Dan's New OutfitToday’s commute was my first ride in a while. The weekend was out because my wife and I participated in the 40th annual Feast of the Hunters’ Moon, and I was in period dress for the first time (Check out those knickers! If it weren’t for the drop flap front, I could fit in with the trendy cycling folks in NYC). We spend Friday setting things up and running last minute errands, and Saturday and Sunday at the booth – no breaks for a ride.

This morning started out pretty slow. I’m a little sore from all of the walking (in uncomfortable shoes) and standing, as well as the work to erect and disassemble the tent. I’m sure my speed was even slower than a normal morning, but I couldn’t tell because the battery in the cyclo-computer has apparently died. I’ll have to hit the battery store soon to get it replaced.

I came home on the North Work Route. On Lindberg Road west of McCormick, I had to leave the ‘bike lane’ and enter the main lane to allow an oncoming jogger to pass. I decided to stay there for the short distance to 400W where I would turn left. I heard a car come up behind me, and the driver began to rev his engine. Without my rear view mirror, I couldn’t see what he was doing. An oncoming car slowed and pulled onto the shoulder, and I heard the car behind me speed up and drive around me. Apparently, the guy was playing chicken with the oncoming car! When the safer driver got out of the way of the maniac, said maniac floored it to get to the next stop sign about 10 seconds ahead of me. What an ass!

When I reached the entrance to my subdivision, rather than turning for home I continued to Newman Road and headed up the hill. I wanted to check the transmission after the latest repair visit. I selected the middle chainring and gear three, stood up, and pushed up the hill. I was gingerly waiting for the chain to slip, but it never did. I guess they really figured it out.

I still have that ‘ting’ sound that I now know comes from the bottom bracket. The weird thing is that each time I hear it go ‘ting’, I have to say ‘ting’! What an odd behavior.

Miles Ridden: 12.1 (estimated with GMaps Pedometer)

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