There and Back

I rode to work and back on the direct route with no side trips. Just another day.

Also, it was the first commute day since retrieving my bike from the shop. Sure enough, it still made the ‘ting’ noise as I began to pedal. And, as I climbed the hill on the way home, the chain was slipping so badly as I stood up on the hill that I ended up walking up. (I don’t like to walk up hills!) So, I’m going to take it back to the shop tomorrow. I know that they want it to be right, so I’ll give them another chance.

I think that the problem is they’re all a bunch of thin cyclist looking types, and they don’t have 230 pounds of RAW CYCLING POWER to test things out.

Miles Ridden: 7.0

UPDATE: I picked up the bike today (10/10). The head repair guy, who had been out last week when I last visited, said that there was a problem with the housing where the shifter cable connected on the bar, and that should solve the shifting problem. Also, he tightened the bottom bracket to stop the noise. He said that the bracket was getting a little wobbly, and I’d probably have to replace it soon. It has a bracket mounted derailur that would also have to be replaced with a seat tube mounted model. We’ll see how long it lasts. When I got home, I rode it about 30 feet down my street and back. As I started to pedal, I heard a ‘ting’.

I’ll try a hill soon.

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