Scott Adams Hates Bicycles

Checkout this quote from a recent post on the The Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams:

Thanks to religious restrictions on freedom in the United States, we have a long list of things you can’t do (at least whenever you want): prostitution, marijuana, euthanasia, gambling, polygamy, and on and on. You might argue that the law is just trying to protect people from harm. But if that were the case, bicycles would be illegal.

Now, before you get all excited and post a comment about Mr. Adams’ religious or political views – he’s an idiot, he’s genius, he’s a heritic, whatever, please note that I only point this out because of his writing choice for the joke in the last line. I see Scott as a comedy writer that presents himself as a philosopher. Maybe his views are real, or maybe just part of the bit. It doesn’t matter to me; I’m just entertained by his work.

My point to make is that I’m wondering why he chose bicycle riding as his choice of unsafe behavior. We know that a bike is one of the safer methods of transport available, and that, at least to us, choosing car travel would have been funnier. But then, bike riders are a weird bunch.

(The title of this post is actually meant to be a joke that Scott would get, if he ever actually read this. Not likely.)

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