West to East

The neighbor and I got out this morning for a couple of hours on a pretty warm day – especially for October. High 70s before noon is kind of rare. We decided to ride up to Montmorenci and then head east on 500N.

500N is a fairly straight, fairly flat road between Otterbien and the river. We rode the portion from US231 to 75E (which later becomes Soldiers Home Road).

We took Soldiers Home Road into town and then sped down Happy Hollow Road. I’ve often climbed this hill, but I rarely head down it. Today I reached one of my fastest speeds ever – 37MPH.

We came back home through campus and surveyed the aftermath of a Big Ten football game: hired students picking up the piles of trash, overnight RV campers packing to leave, and bleary eyed party boys wandering home.

Miles Ridden: 23.9

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