Bird Watching

We finally had a break in the weather! With temps in the high 50s to low 60s, and winds from the South, the neighbor and I got out for a ride.

And we weren’t the only ones that were out on the road. We passed or were passed by well over a dozen other riders, from pre-teen girls to kitted-out roadies, all enjoying the warm, sunny day. Our route took us west up the hill at Indian Creek, around and down by Martell Forest, over and back on the Granville Bridge, and by the Gourd House before returning home.

Down the hill near the forest, we talked to a guy in a van that was turning around to show his kids the rafter of turkeys grazing in a partially flooded field. Next, we saw a murder of crows roosting near the river that were startled away as we approached. Finally, we heard the cooing of sandhill cranes flying overhead. There were many sieges circling, presumably looking for a place to stop for the night.

Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes

After a cold, wet, depressing February, it was great to get out today.

Miles Ridden: 14.4


We have a red tailed hawk nesting in a tree behind the house. This has kept the number of smaller birds down, and our little dog is nervous.

Last week, my wife and I saw a bald eagle swooping in front of the van as we crossed the river. Their population here has been increasing in the area, after being gone for many years.

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