Fun with Email

Readers in the IT or business fields may get a kick out of this email I received at work the other day. This excerpt comes from a discussion about why legal counsel has been involved in vendor negotiation before the project has been defined:

I don’t see “gather functional requirements info”. What I would be looking for at the next meeting is a one-pager of pros and cons regarding this question. While “saves $xxx” and “costs $yyy” are certainly on there, I think there is more to this question. Selling my car and riding a bike to work has lots of cost saving, likely a good purchase agreement could be reached with the help of my lawyer, and a new bike probably doesn’t cost very much. Seems like there would be other factors in my decision to proceed, however. 🙂

I’ll have to have a talk with this guy about commuting by bicycle. He’s over analyzing it a little! 🙂

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