Like a Little Child

Just like a kid on Christmas eve, I was pretty excited about taking my first commute ride of the year today. I took a set of clothes in to work to hang on the clothes rod I installed back in November. After I got home, I fixed the flat tire from my last commute in November. I also checked the lights, chain, and front tire, and gave the rig a quick ride around the cul-de-sac. Everything was ready to go!

I had no problem packing up my stuff and getting out the door this morning, and the ride in was great. As I came down the first hill, I noticed that the cyclo-puter was not working. (Guess I didn’t check everything)

At 28 degrees with no wind, I was dressed perfectly in my gloves, wool socks, and fleece headband which kept the extremities warm. When I arrived, I was neither hot or cold.

The bike rack was blocked by snow pushed there by the plows, much like last year at this time.

Snowed In
Snow Covered – Again

I had time to change into work clothes before 8:00 (although people were gathering outside my door for a birthday cake while I was changing – a little uncomfortable for me knowing they were out there).

After work, I took a quick trip down to the transportation office to sign out a car for a business trip tomorrow, and they gave me a Prius. It will be fun to see how the hybrid works out. Then, I came home on the South Work Route without difficulties.

I can’t wait for the next ride!

Miles Ridden: 9.2

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