Friday After Work

An early departure from work, warm and sunny weather, and an accommodating schedule with the kids all came together to offer me a ride today, and I took it.

Just a quick ride to the bridge and on south to the top of the ridge before turning around. For a Friday, there wasn’t much traffic.

Miles Ridden: 11.5

I need to ride some different routes so that I can get more interesting posts!

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3 Responses to Friday After Work

  1. Steeker says:

    been five months of no biking for me

  2. Dan says:

    That is too long!

  3. John in Calgary says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve been riding all winter when I can, using transit when I have too. This past week I had the extra joy of getting my other two wheeler out for a few commutes; my motorcycle. Now that’s a reassuring sign of spring!

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