The First 100 Miles

Since FDR (at least), politicians have been judged on their progress during their first 100 days. At the end of my ride today, my total for the year reached exactly 100 miles. Sure, it’s not as much as I expected to have, but this late winter / early spring has been colder and wetter than usual. Here’s to better weather soon!

The ride today started a little cold, but my clothing choices served me well once again. The cold chill the neighbor and I felt was soon replaced by a warm core temp, and my gloves and headband kept the extremities cozy. The fleece pants worked OK for most of the ride, but my knees were a little chilled towards the end.

The plan was to meet a friend of the neighbors at his place, and then have the three of us ride around a little, but he wasn’t available at the last minute. However, that didn’t stop us, as we took the Montmorenci Route. Traffic was light, while we saw many other cyclists on the ride. Even though we weren’t on the Llama Route, we found a couple ready for a photo.

Not Camera Shy
Curious Llamas

Much like last weekend, the cranes were circling around the countryside as we rode.

Miles Ridden: 17.5

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