A Beautiful Weekend

Riding with AllenFollowing day after day of cold, windy, rainy, nasty conditions, we have been given two marvelous days this weekend. For today, I decided to ride to Hodson’s Bay to take a look around at their semi-annual sale. Plus, I talked my wife’s nephew into heading out with me.

He didn’t want to make the entire 9-10 mile run, so we took a quick circle around the Fort with him on my son’s otherwise unused bike. He felt pretty proud of riding 4 miles.

After I left him at the entrance to my subdivision, I headed east to the bike shop. It was crowded even 15 minutes before closing time. I browsed through the tables and wall displays, and came out with tubes, lube, a headlight, and a multi-tool. The guy in front of me bought two bikes – for him and his son – for just under a grand.

I came back home through campus, noticing many riders all along the route. Once home, it was time to hurry back to town to get supper from Fazoli’s.

Miles Ridden: 13.0

Hopefully, the neighbor and I will get out tomorrow.

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