Jeff Kruys

For the past couple of months I’ve been reading a journal on the Crazy Guy site by Jeff Kruys. I probably originally heard about him on another cycling blog, but I can’t remember now which one it was.

He is on a several year tour of the Americas starting in Victoria, BC. After heading north to Inuvik on the Arctic Ocean, he turned south. I’ve been following his travels trough the US and Mexico, central America, and in South America, and I just caught up to the current pages from Peru. He writes accounts of his travels and observations of the towns and people he comes across from a unique point of view. There are also many photos – some of the great scenery along the way, and others showing the daily life of the people living along his route.

I’d recommend starting from the beginning, as this journal is a good read.

The main page for Jeff’s journal can be found at

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