Another Double

I had planned to ride to work today, but when the neighbor called last night to arrange a morning ride, I couldn’t pass it up.

After missing a couple of rides with him over the past couple of weeks,I was worried that I wouldn’t wake up in time.  Not a problem, as I was out of bed an hour before the planned departure time.  After grabbing some water, my orange vest, and an extra blinky, I rode over to his driveway.  He greeted me from the upstairs window to say that he couldn’t make it because of a family obligation.  No worries, I just took off myself.

Since it is now all the way dark at 6am, I am very dependent on my headlight, especially in the wooded area of Division Road.  My batteries must be getting low, because I had a tough time seeing the road ahead, and I had to temper my speed to keep from riding beyond the reach of the beam.  I was happy to get out of the woods.

I didn’t feel like I was riding very fast, but since I couldn’t see the speedometer, I didn’t really know.  I ended up with my average being a little higher than usual.

Miles Ridden: 9.1

For the ride to work, I took my trust Trek 820 with the big platform pedals that hold on to my penny loafers so well.  With a ride to a meeting after lunch, and a trip to the drug store before taking the North Work Route home, I ended up with lots of great saddle time.

The Bike Rack at CVS is Accessible!
CVS Bike Rack

Since I complained about the rack at CVS last year, I feel compelled to point out that it was clear and accessible today.

Miles Ridden: 16.9

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