Following the Paths of Others

As usual, I had a tough time getting out today.  With a day off work, I had no reason to hurry, so I didn’t hit the pavement until after lunch (which would be a problem later).  I was feeling good, so I decided to head up the hill on Happy Hollow Road.

Numbers Game
Ready to Head Up the Hill

Happy Hollow is much better going down than it is going up, and after a great ride to the starting point, I tired out fast on the way up.

Uphill on Happy Hollow Road
It’s Steeper Than It Looks

I took an impromptu photo stop about halfway up to catch my breath and to convince the PB&J sandwich and cottage cheese to stay in my stomach. (That’s something else that is better going down than going up, I’m sure.) My strong will won out over my complaining gastric system, and I made it up the rest of the hill.

Veterans Memorial Soldiers Home
Veterans Cemetery

My reason for heading north was to hit the places visited by cyclist, blogger, and historian The Spokesrider. He was riding in my area last weekend, while I was in Tennessee.

Old Schoolhouse
Old Schoolhouse

In this post, he mentions this old schoolhouse on 500N and 175E, which is across the street from this stand of trees. It’s probably expensive to heat, but I’ll bet it’s a great place to live.

Morehouse Road Intersection
Slightly Overexposed Panoramic View of Morehouse Road Intersection

I knew about Morehouse Road long before I lived here because of the restaurant that used to be located where it intersects US52, but now I use it often as a nice route.

Not Only Montana Has Big Skies
Big Sky in Tippecanoe

I headed home on 375W and 400W, and once again I was glad I got out.

Miles Ridden: 21.0

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