Saturday Morning

Depending on the route, my ride to the Wabash Landing shopping center is about five miles. Since I’ve been spending my weekend mornings of late using the free WiFi at Panera to work on a programming project, I thought I could work a bike ride into the routine.

The weather couldn’t have been better. Temps in the high 60s and a strong SW wind pushing me into town made for a comfortable ride. There was one less than pleasant occurrence when four unladen, speeding dump trucks passed me on the country road portion of River Road. The driver of the second truck (which I didn’t realize was behind me at the time) thought it would be fun to honk and swerve towards me as he passed. I gave him a quick hand signal signifying he was number one and continued on.

Wabash Landing has many convenient bike racks located all over the grounds, it wasn’t tough to find a spot to lock up while I was in the coffee shop.

Pedestrian Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge

After a couple of hours, I packed up for the next leg of the trip. My truck was parked at my wife’s clinic over in Lafayette, so I pedaled over the river to pick it up. The bike rode in the truck bed on the way home.

Miles Ridden: 7.7

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