Bike to Work Day

I wonder how many bike blog posts for today are titled “Bike to Work Day”. Never let it be said that I can’t jump onto a bandwagon.

Yes, today was Bike to Work Day, and after missing it last year, I was bound and determined to ride. However, just like the last two years, my department’s monthly staff meeting was scheduled for the same day. This is a business-like affair in which I am asked to present the latest fundraising numbers, so I feel obligated to dress appropriately. Usually means that I wear a suit.

I thought I would look pretty odd pedaling down the highway in my best JC Penney greys, but I got over it quickly. (Thanks to both my wife and commenter Natalie for the encouragement) As I did a few years ago, my jacket was inside out and rolled up inside my grocery bag pannier.

In a suit near a bike helmet

Best Dressed Cyclist in West Lafayette

Once again, the picketers at the US231 construction site got a morning greeting from me.

On the way home, I stopped to look at the new sign that had popped up at the entrance to the work area.

Crudely hand lettered sign at the gate of a construction site

State Rd. Street Gate

I’m assuming that this was in response to the union guys hanging out at the edge of the road. There’s not much room on the shoulder for everybody.
View of the road construction

Looks Like the Roadbed is Starting to Take Shape

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