Multi-Modal (again)

Construction sites pop up in the spring like toadstools in my front yard. In addition to the US 231 bypass work and the South River Road widening, Lindberg Road is the site of a bridge replacement. A new project has closed Harrison Street for the next several months, and State Street is once again limited to one lane in each direction.

New Utility Poles

New Utility Poles are in the Ground

Plenty of activity at the US 231 site, with new utility poles are going up along Newman Road. I’m not sure why they aren’t burying the lines, but I guess that’s why I’m not a civil engineer. Farther from the road, I could see earthmovers and bulldozers readying the roadbed on the curve south of State Street. At the site entrance, there was a group of union workers picketing the site. Apparently, the Michigan contractor that won the low bid is using non-union, out-of-state labor to run the heavy equipment. The protesters’ signs read “Honk For Local Labor”. Since I have no horn, I gave them a hearty “Good Morning” instead.

Bike Rack Outside Preston's

Sgt. Preston's Has a Bike Rack!

At lunch, I cycled down the hill and across the river to Sgt. Preston’s for the usual Thursday Preston Burger and was able to use the (fairly) new bike rack installed outside. Much better than using their parking lot sign. Afterwards, I had a doctor appointment scheduled on the south side of town, so I caught the bus from downtown to avoid riding the hills – and the resulting perspiration that ride would cause. A quick ride the last half mile got me there early. The bus ride back was just as easy, and both didn’t take much longer than a drive in my
Bike on bus's bike rack

Cycle Takes a Bus Ride

truck would have. Pretty good deal.

A late departure from work didn’t mean lighter traffic on the way home, so I had many drivers waiting patiently behind me in the restricted lanes of State Street.

Another beautiful day to be in the saddle.

BONUS QUESTION: I need to wear a suit to work tomorrow. Should I still ride? Leave your answer and comments below.

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