Construction Update

Today was a fantastic May day, which called for a Sunday morning ride.

South River Road has been closed for the past two weeks, as construction has begun on the widening project.  The work will a fresh surface with a bike lane on each side.  Also, the Wabash Heritage Trail will be extended from the US231 bypass to Fort Ouiatenon as a wood chip walking trail.  The road is already a popular cycling route, and the wider lanes with a bike lane will make it safer for everyone.

Retaining Wall

Since it was the weekend, I decided to ride on the closed road, and soon found out that many others, both bikes and cars, were making the same decision.  So, other than the really poor pavement conditions, it was like a normal ride.

When I started climbing the hill on State Street, I was reminded that I haven’t ridden much this year.  My legs were complaining.

The cool air and grey skies actually made for a pretty good ride.

My Buddies

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