Goals – An Update

Well, April has been a horrible month for bike riding. Rain has come almost every day, and a few others were cold and windy. Not the best conditions for someone like me that doesn’t need much to skip a ride.

However, there were only two days where I could have ridden, but didn’t. The bad part is that there were only two days that I rode to work. There was also one weekend ride to the coffee shop. I’m hoping for better conditions in May, and I should also make myself a little less picky about conditions.

In my Goals post, I didn’t include any targets for May, so I’m going to continue my April plan of two rides per week. The weather will be better, and I hope to be more open to getting out.

Meanwhile, I’m still having trouble with my wobbly wheel.  After having Lynn and the gang fix a broken spoke, I noticed another as I was putting the wheel back on the bike.  Today, a mechanic found two others close to popping, and suggested a new wheel would be in order.  Holding off for now.

Is it true that an old wheel will cause spoke breakage?  I’m curious about the reason for that.  Please leave me a comment below if you have any thoughts on the subject.

Sunshine in the Face Panda

The moving iPhone distortion has really done a number on the shape of my face

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