Wet Arms

Regular readers will remember that I’ve been trying to focus on commuting by bike this year. However, the weather has not cooperated. We jumped from two months of near constant rain to this past month of heat. This makes the one or two days a week when my schedule allows a ride in less likely to be suitable. With my work environment, I can’t really arrive rain-soaked or sweat-soaked to a meeting.

Anyway, I got a couple rides in during June, but July has been a wash.

However, yesterday the neighbor came over to ask if I wanted to ride before work. Sure I do!

We started at 6:00 and a had a nice hour of foggy riding to Granville – after we retrieved my dog that decided to run off while I was pumping up the tires of my long neglected road bike. I’m not giving up on commuting, but morning rides may be a better option some days.

365 #96 - Foggy!

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