Break in the Weather

The break in the seemingly endless summer heat wave that we’ve experienced recently has been good for my riding schedule. I’ve had the opportunity to ride three times in the past week.

365 #103 - Bike Ridin

My ride to work on Thursday was uneventful, but the meeting I had at 8:30 was not. It was only after I sat at the table in the small conference room that my body decided it was time to sweat. I had to excuse myself to go towel off. (TMI – I know)

Saturday found me on an early morning ride to Granville. Nothing special, but at the same time very special, as the quiet cool morning was very conducive to wandering thoughts and fast rolling.

This morning, I rode into town to visit the Greyhouse. My daughter met me there, and she did homework (before the school year starts – how weird) while I web surfed.

A quick update on the construction site for the US231 bypass. Crews are hard at work building a temporary road to steer traffic around the new intersection with SR26.

The forecast shows more great temperatures until the middle of next week, so I’m looking forward to more rides.

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