30 Days of Biking

April 2012 CalendarCan you believe I signed up for 30 Days of Biking?  And I’m the guy who totally failed at my goals last year.

Here’s how this will hopefully be different.  I was reading recently about Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret on Lifehacker.  Basically, to build a habit to do something every day, put up a big calendar and put a big X on each day to perform the task.  I’m trying this now with the March Photo a Day Challenge, and it’s going pretty well.  Haven’t missed a day so far.  In an earlier trial, I took a self portrait every day for over two years!

Although, with photos, my big calendar becomes a daily post on Flickr or Instagram.  It may sound like I’m breaking Jerry’s one rule, but I think it adds an extra dimension of social responsibility, as I’m participating with friends.

30 Days of Biking has a similar facet, as we are encouraged to post notes and photos from each day’s ride.  I will post here with a Flickr photo and a Tweet pointing back.

Wish me luck!  And I suggest you may want to try it as well.

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