Three Commutes in One Week … In March!

The warm March weather this year has helped me get on the road and ride to work three times this week.  I also had a Sunday warm up ride to get my legs started.

sunrise over a pasture

Sunrise Over the Old Horse Pasture

For my first rides in my legs felt pretty good, and I still felt strong the days after.  That is a good sign for the rest of the year.

Deer and Turkeys in the pasture

The little black specks in the far side of the field are deer and turkeys.

Looking forward to a good year of biking.

large hunks of concrete from the former culvert

Large hunks of concrete from the former culvert

I’m wondering how the crew on the 231 bypass project will cart off the debris from the former culvert.  The pieces are much bigger than the SUV in the foreground.

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