30 Days of Biking – Day 17: Some Sort of Bike Riding Dandy

Since I had a building dedication to attend today, I dressed up a little more than usual – slacks, dress shirt, argyle sweater vest, shiny black shoes, and my brown plaid cap. I was the best dressed bike commuter this AM!

Some Sort of Bike Riding Dandy

Coming home, I decided to use Harrison street to see how the construction was coming along. I had no idea that the roundabout at Harrison and Jischke was open for traffic. Roundabouts and bikes seem to work pretty well together, so I will use that route more often.

As I turned west onto the highway, the headwinds made themselves known, but I pedaled through. Once I started the hill on Newman Rd, a car a little ways back honked at me. As the car caught up, I heard a lady whooping and hollering out her window. Turns out it was just my wife saying hi.

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