30 Days of Biking – Day 18: Round and Round

Got a better look of the new roundabout at the intersection of Harrison, Jischke, and Nimitz.  there is still much landscaping and sidewalk work to do, but the roadway is already in action.

Round and Round

On the north side of Harrison, I saw what may become about a block of mulit-use path between the roadway and the sidewalk.  If I am correct, I wonder what will happen where the path meets the roundabout.  It seems that local planners and engineers don’t really think about the places where paths and roads intersect – probably the most dangerous portion.  Although, every place where the path crosses a driveway or entrance is sketchy as well.  A couple of reasons why I usually prefer the vehicular cycling approach.

My left turn from SR26 to Newman Road is a difficult part of my commute home.  I usually ride on the shoulder of the highway (pictured right) until I get to the intersection if I can’t merge left earlier.  Then, I am likely to end up waiting on the side of the road for a chance to dart across.  However, lately I’ve been using the temporary bypass built for the construction zone (pictured left).  Since it isn’t in use by autos and trucks, it is fairly safe for me.  But with the same problem trying to turn left from the highway, I instead end up waiting in the church’s driveway.

You Take the High Road ...

Another problem with this approach is that on the other end I have to merge back onto Newman Rd.  Today, after checking the highway traffic for turn signals and seeing none, I rode onto the road, only to be honked at by a startled motorist who had neglected to use his signal.  Not sure who was at fault there, but I’m only going to accept part of the blame for this near-accident.  (I hate the term “near-miss”).

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