30 Days of Biking – Day 2: Natty Panda

Natty PandaAs I rode into work today, I thought a lot about our car-centric society and how cycling can help us break the hold that autos have on us. Mostly, I pondered how even though I read about cycling as transportation, and talk it up with my friends and co-workers, I don’t really walk the walk.

I live kind of close to work, but I don’t ride in that often – only when it is easy. Plus, I rarely if ever ride to the grocery store. My kid’s school is eight miles away, and my wife’s workplace a similar distance.

The goal is to live, work, learn, and shop all within a short, rideable distance. I’m not sure if my town really offers that opportunity, and those areas that might be close to the ideal are not where we wish to live. I guess all I can do strive to get a little closer each year.

On the way home from work, after a long first day back from vacation, I thought: “food – food – food – pretty girl sunbathing – food – food – food – food – food – big hill – food – food – POP!”

That POP was the sound of a spoke breaking as I climbed the small hill to my house. Guess I’ll be riding the other bike tomorrow.

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