30 Days of Biking – Day 3: Creek in the Pasture

Since I broke a spoke yesterday on my main ride, I pulled out my road bike after work for its first ride of the year.  It was covered in spider webs and dust from the recent remodeling work going on in the house and garage.  After pumping up the empty tires, my trip began.

I didn’t have much time between work and a 7:00 appointment, so I took a quick half hour route around the block another way – Newman Road to Sharon Chapel, on to SR26, south on 325W/350W, then Division Road back home.

Creek in the PastureI had forgotten that the hard, narrow seat on my black Trek is not very comfortable when wearing street clothes.  I felt every bump, along with the seams in my khaki shorts, throughout the ride.

While my legs complained over the one large and several small hills in the first half, I started getting a rhythm by the time I left the highway.  As usual, I felt pretty good when I got back.

The latest forecast calls for cold temps over the next few days, so the rides may be shorter, but they will still happen.  The bike shop said they may have my wheel fixed tomorrow.

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