Another great day for a bike commute. I took the reverse South Work Route in, and the North Work Route home.

Lindberg Road crosses a bog between Northwestern Ave and McCormick Road. This road was rebuilt a few years ago to keep it from sinking into the muck. Unfortunately, the project was not successful. It’s tough to show in a picture, but the road and bike path are more like roller coaster tracks than a paved street.

One neat thing about the location is all of the swamp wildlife one can see. I’ve mentioned the frogs and geese before; there are also many ducks. In fact, there is a sign that warns drivers that they may see little baby ducks crossing the street, maybe a little baby duck trying to fly, plus there is a risk of GINORMOUS MUTANT BABY DUCKS!

Duck Crossing Sign
Has the sign designer never seen an adult duck before?

Miles Ridden: 13.5

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