Ross Building

Another good day for a ride to work. In addition to the usual to and from work (South Work Route), I rode to a meeting up at the Ross Building.

It is located on Kalberer Road near Morehouse Road (next to the Wild Bird Shop) – about 3.5 miles from my office. I took the commuter route up there – on Grant Salisbury and Cumberland (bike lanes all the way) with the last bit on the Cattail Trail. Coming back, I followed the Trail down to Cherry Lane and cut through campus. There were several senior citizen couples birdwatching at the bog looking at the cranes and herons.

October weather is well suited for a ride in the middle of the work day. It’s not too hot, so I don’t get overly sweaty. Plus, it’s not too cold where a coat would be necessary.

Purdue Horse Farm

This gal said hi to me on the way home

Miles Ridden: 17.9

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